Stop Pitching & Listen First

Image Credit | Glassdoor Blog
Image Credit | Glassdoor Blog

This is something that has been said time and again but it amazing how fast we forget.

How many times have you listened to someone pitch to you about their product or service and they go on and on about all the awesome features and how it is magic and yet all that they are talking about does not benefit you or is of no interest to you? You simply zone out and the person becomes a blah blah blah talking puppet!

In reality you could use their service or product BUT he/she did not first find out what your issue/challenge or problem is. They simply jumped you with all these “cool” features that ended being useless to you.

To my fellow sales/marketing folks – THE KEY TO GREAT SALES PROCESS IS LISTENING

All you need to do is simply spend a little time understanding the prospect, ask question that would lead you to understanding what the prospect’s challenge is.. (If you haven’t read this post about “To get good at Marketing, think like a four year old!” read it here now..) A few leading questions that you could ask the prospects are about the business history, how they make money, how the business has changed over the last year, their business goals, what has worked and what didn’t work, their resources and target…

If you pay attention and listen then you will be able to help the prospect identify the perfect solution to their challenge!

I love this line; “Based on what you have told me, I see a number of options (Explain the options in summary). Based on your specific needs of (what you learned while listening), I would recommend option A or B. What do you think of it?”

As an addition, please take note that today’s marketing is about sideways marketing, not always head-on marketing (this will work well for you when using social media)
Stop “Selling” and start “Helping”

Ps. Notice what I said up there..You will be able to help the prospect NOT able to sell 😉

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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