Mobile East Africa 2014

Those who haven’t heard, I will be speaking at this year’s Mobile East Africa conference in Nairobi on 13th February at Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel.


This year’s theme is Expanding Mobile data usage & driving monetisation through industry collaboration

My presentation:

With a current average cost per transaction of 11.89% and $60 billion sent annually from the diaspora is the time right to shake up international money transfer?

CASE STUDY – Introducing Redcore Interactive’s Remit.ug platform

  •  The current international money transfer landscape put into perspective and why it’s due some disruption
  •  Remit.ug platform – a service that makes sending remittances to mobiles, faster, cheaper, and more convenient to users
  •  Initial results, feedback and reflections

You can check out more information below;

About Mobile East Africa
The 2014 Speakers
Day 2 Agenda (That is the day I am speaking)

What are your thoughts?!

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