Interview with Darlyne about Social Media and Small businesses

Update: This was posted on my old blog. It has a lot of useful information to let it remain there. Sadly I have not been able to add the interview right now but will do very soon. In the meantime, you can checkout the links below.

This is my first attempt at an audio Interview for this blog, the quality is awful but it will surely get better.

In this audio, I have a chat with Darlyne Komukama Founder Shakai Media, about social media in Uganda, where she talks about how she has managed to make money using social media, some of the challenges she has faced and a couple of tips on how you can get started.

The interview/chat is really short so… Enjoy.

Darlyne is a long time blogger and social media enthusiast who first got hit by the internet social media bug in 2001,  just in time to take part in Uganda’s budding blogging community. She went on to become an avid user or several social media platforms until she decided to use her experience and training to create Shakai Media.


Some Statistics 

  • There are 364,298 Ugandans on Facebook between the ages of 13 and 65. 239,000 of those are male and 122,400 are female.
  •  Between the ages of 18 and 35, there are 300,460 Ugandans on Facebook. 197,160 Male and 101,040 Female.
  • There are 129,480 Ugandans on Facebook who have graduated from University. 87,960 Male and 40,860 Female.

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