My Experience With a Sore [business] Loser

Sometime last year I met a client online who runs an apartment rental services, tours and travel and an art gallery. He is a very friendly and good guy to work with.
What he wanted was someone to transfer his old three basic static (html/css) sites (which were developed a number of years back to) WordPress.

I have worked with WordPress for a number of years so this was a simple task. I put my guys to the task and all was going well until we started getting issues with his hosting company.

The issues included;

  • No c-panel or any control panel access
  • Permission issues with some files and actions
  • Response time from the hosting company

Anyways, we tried to find ways to work with these issues but the hosting person just kept on making the work impossible. Finally, the client made a decision to transfer all his sites from the hosting company to my company. This is something that clearly did not go down well with his old hosting company. Which brings me to the title of this post. This lady is obviously a sore loser. Not only did her response get worse, she completely became unhelpful in making the transfer.
She denied us any permissions on the files, denied us FTP access to transfer the website we had just finished for the client. Basically she just made our work a little hard.

The good news.

Working with WordPress means you are NOT alone. Like I always say,
“You are not the first person to face the problem that you, Google is your friend. There is a solution there”

A few minutes on Google got me to this awesome Website that gave me a couple of options to work with;


BackWPup is a go-to because it is free and a great backup-tool. You can easily backup both files and database to a local directory for download, to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, DropBox and many other storage solutions. The result will be a standard dump of all site files and a sql dump which can be used to reinstate the site on a new server. Most typical WordPress hosting environments will support this plugin without issue.

My challenge here was Permissions. It just couldn’t get access to save the files off.

WordPress Duplicator

Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another.

This on the other hand, was the ish. I was able to save and download a ZIP file of all the files in a flash.

Next time you meet a web hosting sore loser, don’t fret! Remember this blog post.
If you are a sore loser, pull your shit together and deliver so you do not have to lose.

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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