Starting Poultry Farming in Uganda; How to


If you are interested in starting poultry farming in Uganda or Agriculture for that matter, I took the time and visited a number of poultry farmers, and here is a quick summary to get you started.

I reviewed the startup capital needed for a farm of 2,000 birds; the production/operational cost, and the revenues as well as a five years snapshot of what things would look like.

Follow the link below to download the excel sheet with the editable numbers to get you started or read more of my rumblings here ūüėÄ

Following a number of requests from a number of people, We have put together a full business plan with all the financials you need to get you started with chicken farming – specifically for broilers. These documents will answer all your questions like;

  1. How much money do I need to get started?
  2. How much profit will I make?
  3. When do I breakeven?
  4. …and much more

Here is a summary of what we have put together for you;

  1. Full detailed (Bank ready) Business Plan in Word Format
  2. Start-Up costs involved – this is already filled with the current cost as of August 2020
  3. Bank Loan repayment schedule
  4. Projected Cash Flow
  5. Revenue and Expenses
  6. Income Statement
  7. Annual Cash Flow
  8. Projected Balance Sheet
  9. Depreciation Calculation
  10. Payback Period Calculation
  11. Breakeven Analysis

On top of all this, you will get a FREE 30 minutes consultancy call with Chris Tumusiime and myselfto get you started and help you understand how to work with the documents.

All this will cost you only 100,000Ugx Simply click here to get it all
Check out our website dedicated to getting you all the support you need www.moneyplans.co

Starting Poultry Farming FAQ

Is poultry farming profitable in Uganda?

Yes it is. The margins depend on how much you are investing, how well you take care of your farm and whether you are keeping birds for eggs or for meet. In this video, I used a case study of 2,000 birds kept for meet. The profitability depends on final weights for the mature birds and how many die before they are sold.

How much money do I need to start a poultry farm?

The major cost driver is the construction. For a farm of 2,000 birds for meat, you will spend about 13,000,000Ugx on construction. The cost of day old chicks is betwen 2,300Ugx to 2,500Ugx. Watch this video as well as download this excel sheet to play around with the numbers.

How can I start a poultry farming business?

Do you have land or any experience with poultry farming? The best thing to do is visit a number of already established poultry farmers, so you can get a hands on feel of how the business runs. This video and excel sheet will happen you to get an idea of what sort of investment you would be looking at, as well as the profitability expected.

How long do Broilers take to mature?

They take between 32 days to 42 days to be between 1.5kgs to 2Kgs which are the best weights to have a profitable business. Anything more than 42 days will start eating into your profitability. Sweet spot is day 35.

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