Trip Back to Before 600 BC


I have been out of my usual dwelling for the last couple of days and in these very few days, I have seen and experienced what many have no idea about. It was fun, hard, frightening at some point but totally worth the time.

My old woman has always had huge love for politics – something that I completely do not share with her. So she is running for Woman Member of Parliament for Buhweju District.

I had the chance to take a mini-tour of Buhweju and experience what I never thought I would probably get to see. In summary here are the awful stuff;

  • No phone networks – Only in a few raised areas, you are able to make or receive a phone call
  • No clean water
  • No electricity
  • No good* food – I am a sucker for junk and oily foods
  • Narrow roads that are impassable when it rains – It rained all the time I was there!

The good stuff;

Breathtaking scenes – see pictures below
I got to see an AMAZING Waterfall, sadly couldn’t take any pictures, we were late. A search on the Internet has not got me anything. It is called Mukazi Anyala (Translated Urinating Woman!)

Here take a look at some of the picture I was able to take

We got stuck too and almost spent the night in the middle of nowhere!
Had to walk over 3kms in the rain to look for locals to push the vehicle – I did get people to push the car, half were obviously drunk!

Here is the aftermath

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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