Who needs a rescue?!


If you know anything about Kampala/Uganda night life, then you know how fast bars crop up and die in Kampala. Today, Bar A is the hottest place to go… you get there and you are struggling to breathe through some guy’s armpit as you fight your way at the counter to order a drink. A couple of months down the road, you go back and this time, the bar looks like a hunted bar! No lines, no sweaty armpits to fight through.. NO BUSINESS!

Usually the easiest explanation is Kampala people are like that, they only go with new things. Question is, how true is that?! For the last couple of days I have been watching a show on Kwesé Inc called Bar Rescue by Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay of the bar and nightclub business. In each episode of this series, Taffer helps transform a struggling bar into a vibrant, profitable business, utilizing his expertise as a nightlife consultant who has started, flipped or owned more than 600 bars and clubs in his career. From the height of the bar stools and the science of the perfect pour to the effect the tempo of the music has on alcohol consumption, Taffer delves into every facet of the business, and he does it with a no-holds-barred style. He’s assisted by his wife, Nicole — who enters establishments under cover to help diagnose the problems — along with a rotating cast of experts that include a celebrity chef, a Master of Whisky and a mixologist.

After watching a couple of episodes of this show, clearly there is much more that makes many bars in Kampala fail than the culture of people in Kampala.

If you are a bar owner or are into the hospitality business, this is a show you must watch. It is filled with life/reality lessons.

Does this episode bring any bar in mind in Kampala?

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6FxwRGIy1g”]

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What are your thoughts?!

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