Kipchoge earns 15 Billion Ugx and a Private Jet in 2 hours of running


Eliud Kipchoge has just completed a world record of running a marathon, which is 42.2KMs in less than two hours, it is all over the news and the internet so by this point you should have got what it means in reality to run that much and that fast. In case you haven’t got the full grasp of it, watch this video

What I am more interested in sharing is the benefits behind it. Who really stood to gain from all this?

The brand/name INEOS has been trending for the last couple of days all over the internet. I am trying to get the stats for the reach, and I shall update the post when they come in.

There is no clear figure of how much budget was spent by INEOS or the owner Jimmy Ratcliffe who was top of the list of UK’s top 1000 richest people.

We have seen such campaigns done by Redbull – Red Bull Stratos Space Jump

These are not massively expensive campaigns but they are World-Changing/Once in a lifetime campaigns that have massive returns to only the brands behind them but the people that participate in these campaigns. I am still digging up the numbers for INEOS but here are the benefits for Eluid Kipchego

Eluid Kipchego’s Earnings from #INEOS159

Jimmy WanjigiPrivate JetPrivate Jet
Mike Sonko 107,218,67028,925.25
County Government of Nandi71,479,11319,283.50
County Government of Uasin Gishu89,348,89224,104.38
Safari Com536,093,352144,626.25

That is a total of 15,618,186,319Ugx – 15 Billion, 6 hundred 18 million…OR 4.2 Million Dollars and a private jet! According to Whownskenya.com, Kipchoge’s overall net worth was estimated at £2.29 million or 10 Billion Uganda Shillings before this challenge


Clearly, it was worth it for Eliud, the question is for the Brands that were involved will it worth it? Would you as a marketing manager or CEO approve a budget to do such a campaign or are such campaigns only limited to brands with the balls? Read Redbull!

I want to stay away from the issues of budgets, what brands locally or regionally have attempted anything close to this?

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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