Whats the point of buying cool toys?


I am not the best person at taking care of material things – mostly cars, which is strange. Yet, I love cars and speed and all things fast!
Anyways, a few months ago I took a risk [- that is what most people called it] and bought one of the rarest cars on Ugandan roads; An Alfa Romeo. You see, not only is this vehicle too low [ground clearance], it completely has no spare parts on the local market [but then again who needs local shops when the internet works *wink wink*]

Anyways, so I have been getting nonstop questions about why I would buy such a car and why I won’t buy another car, a cheaper car that I can drive to work every day instead of the Alfa.
Usually, I simply answer “It is what I wanted!” but here is real truth; Yes.. it is what I wanted, from the very first time I saw an Alfa in Kampala, I still remember it very well. It was a 1998 model, 156 in Black and it was owned by someone that worked with Barclays bank, Namirembe road [If you are the person that owned that Alfa, let us meet for a drink or two]. I promised myself that one day I would drive that car – well a better model. Years down the road and here we are!!

About why I drive it every day, I mean why buy something that you won’t enjoy? Everything gets old and dies at one point. I say, you want something so bad and have hustled so hard to get it, enjoy the living hell out of it.

Ok, I am done!

Now if you are vehicle enthusiast like me, this December 17th, 2016, we are having an NTV Revved Up Auto Show 2016 at Panamera. Come through and let us see what Kampala/Uganda has to offer when it comes to vehicles.

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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