Stay on your feet!


These last couple of days, it is the only statement that I have told myself more times than ever. #StayOnYourFeet!

Let no one every lie to you that organizing an event and holding down two other jobs is a simple task. I have had two of my best clients complain about delayed deliveries, missed appointments and the like. This is not because I do not value their work, no! I value their work but balancing work is one of the hardest thing to do in life.

Sadly for me I am not very good with delegation, I always expect too much too soon of people that I delegate to, that I end up judging them harshly when they do not deliver to the standard that I want. This too makes me a bit of a bad manager (I am hoping that the MBA I am taking will help me with that – I think it will)

I have to say, I have been lucky to have clients that are very understanding, with the Summit just a day away, its success and everything that I have been able to do that has seen their work suffer for it, I will owe its success to them. Should it fail however… Lets not go down that road!

As I sit here trying to relax after a day that saw me talking to myself (more times that usual), slam my laptop lid like it was made of metal (luckily it didn’t get damaged in any way!) and scream at the KCB Customer Care lady when she couldn’t explain to me why my card wasn’t working when I clearly knew that there is no way she could have all the answers I needed, I just have only one thing to say… WHAT A DAY!!

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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