Find Balance in this fast world!


There are days when nothing seems to be going your way. Days when and where the most random of possible things that can go wrong. When these days stack up, it can be extremely hard to find your footing unless you are able to find a functional way to face them.

Not long ago, I was dealing with one of those stacked up days. I am not going to get into what went wrong, but how I have managed to find balance.  To start with, if you haven’t read my old post about the Cockroach theory, you need to read it. Here is the summary in case you miss it;

More than the problem, it’s my reaction to the problem that creates chaos in my life.

The thing about the Cockroach theory is that it will not independently help you. You need to learn how to react, and that is how developing functional routines comes in. Looking at my case, I had to make some changes in my life. I had to learn a few new things. One of them was to make adjustments to my morning routine.

You see, I have tried developing a few morning routines over time and some have not been easy at all, many I have failed. Excuses always come in and boy oh boy do they seem very genuine at the time.

This time, however, I started my new routine with a different level of determination. It has not been long, some mornings are harder than others but my determination has not reduced a single bit. Thing is over time, I confirmed that the way one thinks about his/her life usually, it is the very thing that either makes or breaks them.

I have had many failed attempts at developing routines. From changing my eating habits after I was diagnosed with a fatty liver, two years ago, to working out. Like many other people – read majority that have failed, I was making decisions and choices based on my past and ended up suffering from Rearview Mirror Syndrome (RMS).

As an RMS sufferer, all your decisions are made based on your past. You believe that who you used to be is who you are and your choices and decisions are informed by the limitations of your past. When in a situation of something like facing a new experience or challenge, you often turn them down because you failed before or simply because you have never experienced that before.

The thing about routines, specifically morning routines, success starts in the mind. if you go to bed at night thinking that you will fail to wake up in the morning, it is exactly what will happen. Ever heard of the phrase “Never go to be angry” Most married people know this; How you go to bed at night matter more than you can imagine.

I was never a morning person, staying up late at night was much easier for me than being up early. Over time, however, I have managed to make the adjustment. This is mainly because of one thing I remind myself every day

Everything is connected!

I am not getting into this now, it will be a post for another day but the key thing here is DO NOT look at incidents in isolation. One missed morning of workout will result in a month, a year of missed workouts. One morning of a completed workout is another step towards a healthy life. Here is a statement that is making me hate the snooze/dismiss button on my phone.

Each time you reach for that button, you are subconsciously saying that you do not want to wake up to your life, your experience and your day ahead.

If you are anything like me and love life, this should get you up.

To better lives, routines and better days.

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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