Dreams that we can’t make sense of!


I had an extremely strange dream this morning. I am calling it a strange dream because it did not make sense at all. I fully know that the act of trying to interpret dreams is simply infusing them with meaning and significance and NOT necessarily getting the actual meaning of the dream.

I had an extremely strange dream this morning that did not make sense at all. The act of trying to interpret dreams is simply infusing them with meaning and significance. NOT necessarily getting the actual meaning of the dream.

I hardly ever dream. I am sure I actually do dream but I am never alert enough to remember them. The thing about sleeping is when we sleep our brain does not go to sleep. It instead goes through the process of storing and sorting the information we learned or picked up during the day. Sleeping and dreaming is actually additional time for us to continue learning and solving life’s problems. 

Back in the day when I used to play a lot of video games and write some code – yes I did, I would be in bed sleeping and all of sudden I would figure out a way to get past the level that had been giving me a hard time or the issue that had made my code failing to run or a better way of writing that if statement that wasn’t working right.

Ever heard the phrase sleep on it? It is actually used because when you go to bed your brain goes on to try and figure out or expand your options about the issues. During sleep (REM Sleep) our mind uses metaphors in dreams to help us solve our real-world problems. 

During the REM sleep which is the time when our dreams are more vivid, the part of our brain (I won’t get into the science names) which is home to our emotional memory becomes 15% more active than when we are awake. That is not all, it goes further! The particular part considered to be directly related to our consciousness and sense of free will and self-awareness is the most active part of this part of our now more active part of our brain. Let’s use its name for better understanding, the anterior cingulate gyrus. Interesting right?

It doesn’t stop there! Another vital part of this now 15% more active part of our brain, is the hippocampus, which is the part that connects our emotions with past memories in order to make new memories. This will make sense in my dream below – keep reading

Key to also note is that during this dreaming time our brain’s prefrontal cortex which is responsible for our logical reasoning is entirely shut off and that is why our dreams are often times utterly bizarre.

Ok, with all that education here is what I remember of my dream.

I was in some sort of school setting, It was closely related to my high school’s dormitories, class blocks mashed up.  Hippocampus at play here. Then there was some sort of wind/hurricane kind of activity and Robert Kabushenga walks in. He appeared to be the head of the institution or something. Next thing I know, we were jumping and swinging on the building roof frames like ninjas. Then Robert jumped and held onto a part of the roof that was a weak spot and it immediately broke and he fell backward – It looked like a two-level high fall! 

Next thing I know I was being chased by this group of some specialized army that seemed like a morph of ninjas and zombies. They caught up with me and I was presented to their master/leader who was Rev. Fr Mukama, who was my high school teacher and he died just last week. 

It was at that point that I completely freaked out and snapped out of it. You know, in the usual state we are in after such dreams – sweating, breathing hard and scared. 

Something about being scared when we wake up or during our dreams. Remember that cortex part that I talked about earlier? The logic reasoning cortex part that is shut down during our dreams? Well, there is actually a part of it that is always awake! That is the part connected to the amygdala which controls our fight or flight instincts but during the REM sleep our bodies are less paralyzed. That is why we do not hurt ourselves during our dreams. 

Another interesting thing to note about dreaming is, animals too dream. Yes! But unlike us, animals can’t tell the difference between a dream and reality. If a rat dreams that the cat in the house left in the middle of the night when it wakes up, it will walk-like-a-boss into the house because it knows that the cat left at night and BOOM! It will be Tom and Jerry all over again.

Anyways, that was my dream this morning, I am not going to make a lot of sense out of it but here are my quick thoughts without stressing too much;

  1. Robert Kabushenga appeared in my dream because for the last couple of days I have been either talking about him or thinking about him. Thinking about him sound wrong, no?! There is an important communication I am waiting on from him that is not coming through. Robert if you are reading this, please send the communication through. 
  2. The late Rev. Father Mukama appeared in my dream because he passed on last week and he was a key figure in my early days of high school. May his soul rest in peace
  3. The Ninjas.. hmmmmm. I bloody love ninjas. I think they are awesome – I have always thought so 🙂

Alright, here goes… another dream that I can’t interpret or make much sense of

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!

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